Unleashing Strategic Climate Solutions

It’s Time to be Strategic about Solving Our Climate Crisis

Climate change is accelerating, despite best efforts to date. As we trap more heat in our atmosphere and oceans, negative feedback loops are being set into motion, leading to more extreme droughts, floods, storms, heat waves, and destruction.

The SCS Global Registry was established to tap into the best available science to unleash strategic climate solutions. This groundbreaking platform supports the evaluation, registration and financing of projects aimed at stabilizing and ultimately restoring our shared global climate and environment, with an emphasis on projects that can yield significant results in terms of documented reduction in planetary heat in the near-term (by 2030).

Scaling Rapidly to Meet the Challenge

We’re focused on projects that can be effectively deployed and scaled rapidly to slow the rise in global temperatures, using available and emerging methods and technologies.  Our goal is to help prevent an overshoot of the Paris Agreement’s temperature goals, and gradually restore balance toward more sustainable levels.

The Registry provides opportunities for governments, corporations, and organizations to directly support pivotal climate projects.

Groundbreaking Opportunities

The Registry has been designed to set a new benchmark for carbon markets, servicing a wider range of climate mitigation projects, creating greater market flexibility, and overcoming technical hurdles that have undermined offsets.  For instance, in addition to the Kyoto-protocol recognized greenhouse gases, the Registry provides credits for additional climate pollutants like black carbon.

It is built around the most comprehensive climate metrics available today based on the latest peer-reviewed IPCC climate science, and incorporating robust co-benefit and trade-off analysis to help sort project priorities for the near-term and long-term.

Empowering Communities

Solving the problem of climate change requires tapping into the knowledge of local communities and the wisdom regional experts around the world.  There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach that will work for everyone – each locality requires solutions that meets local needs, and are realistic in the context of social and economic conditions. 

The Registry is empowering communities in two important ways:

1)      Increasing the range of projects that can qualify for carbon credits by recognizing the full range of emissions and other factors contributing to climate change; and

2)      Establishing Regional Councils to help curate the coordination of projects and project funding