The climate crisis won’t wait. But neither will we.

Meet the only climate credits aimed directly at reducing the planet's excess heat.

Introducing the next generation in climate accounting

  • Co2 and Beyond

    CO2 and beyond

    We address all drivers of global warming. That means CO2 as well as powerful, fast-acting climate pollutants like methane and black carbon, and changes in the Earth’s reflectivity.

  • Immediate Impact

    Geared for immediate impact

    We are in the critical climate decade. Bolder action is necessary. That’s why our credits finance projects that directly help lower the planet’s temperature, starting now.

Getting strategic about climate change

Despite our best efforts, the climate crisis is accelerating. SCS Global Registry was established to tap into the best available science and unlock new solutions, aiming for measurable results by 2030.

  • Boat Wake

    Scaling rapidly to meet the challenge

    We provide direct opportunities to support climate projects that curtail excess heat today. Our goal: stabilize our climate and ultimately restore it.

  • Tree Measure

    Groundbreaking opportunities

    Because our credits account for a wider range of climate change drivers, we create value for projects that produce the most effective climate solutions in the near term.

  • Community

    Supporting thriving communities

    We are the only registry that quantifies its projects’ contributions to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals with thorough life cycle assessments.