Validation and Verification Body

Become an Approved VVB

Approved Validation and Verification Bodies (VVB) conduct:

  1. Assessments to confirm the RF reduction potential of Project Plans, generally prior to the initiation of project activities (Validation)
  2. Assessments to confirm that Projects, once initiated, are delivering the anticipated RF reduction (Verification)
  3. Assessments to confirm that Projects continue to deliver the anticipated RF reduction on an annual “vintage” basis (Monitoring) throughout the project period

In order to be eligible for approval under the Registry, a VVB must conform to “General principles and requirements for bodies validating and verifying environmental information” (ISO 14065:2020). In addition, the VVB will be vetted by the Registry or a Registry-approved accreditation body to confirm competence to perform the assessments required under the RF Protocol and Registry Standard. Contact the Registry for more information.

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