Beyond Net Zero: Setting Our Sights on 2030

In the News


This month, Dana Pillai, Executive Director of SCS Global Registry, and Linda Brown, Senior Vice President of SCS Global Services, joined forces to make a powerful presentation at the Net Zero 2022 Conference in Los Angeles, inviting the audience to consider what it will take to get ahead of the climate crisis in this decade.

Brown challenged attendees to reexamine their own understanding of the underlying drivers of climate change, and to become familiar with the concept of “radiative forcing” – that is, the global and regional heating or cooling effects of various emissions and other factors. She then urged attendees to pay particular attention to projects of sufficient scalability and cost-effectiveness to help reduce excess planetary heat within the next decade.

Pillai offered a sneak preview of SCS Global Registry, a new type of climate registry that will be unveiled in the coming months. The Registry is working to expand the range and type of mitigation projects that can be recognized and financed in the international effort to stabilize the climate. Under the new registry, credits will be available to recognize the significant short-term benefits of methane and black carbon reduction. In addition, it will address changes in albedo – that is, the reflectivity of earth surfaces and cloud – and incorporate the effects of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases as they accumulate over time.

A copy of the presentation is available here. For more information, contact Dana Pillai.