It’s Time to be Strategic about Solving Our Climate Crisis


The world's scientific community has become increasingly blunt in its warnings about the changing climate.  Strong, decisive action in this decade is needed to help the world avert the worst ravages of a warming planet.

The SCS Global Registry is a groundbreaking new platform to support the evaluation, registration and financing of projects aimed at stabilizing and restoring our shared global climate and environment.  We are particularly focused on projects that can yield significant results in this decade and the near-term.

In support of our mission, the Registry lists and tracks two types of credits to provide a clearinghouse for the widest range of traditional and innovative climate mitigation projects, reflecting the very latest peer-reviewed climate science.    

Consensus reports published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have made it clear that the rapid climate change we are experiencing is human-caused and is accelerating, and have built the case for strong, effective action in this decade to slow and eventually halt the rise in global warming. For instance, see the following reports: