Next-generation climate credits: How we’re driving change

The SCS Global Registry was borne out of a recognition that there is much more that voluntary markets can and must do to support decision-makers in meeting the challenge of the accelerating climate crisis.  Our role is to identify, evaluate and support the world’s most innovative climate mitigation projects, in order to support stabilization of the Earth’s climate system and provide additional environmental and human health benefits toward a more sustainable future.

The Registry is an affiliate of Scientific Certification Systems Inc. dba SCS Global Services (SCS), a mission-driven international leader working in support of sustainable development since 1984 through standards development and third-party certification.

Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to stimulate the actions needed to reduce and sustain the global RF anomaly below +1.9 W/m2 at a minimum, in order to prevent an overshoot of 1.5°C. By 2030, this would necessitate reducing global RF levels by at least 1.4 W/m2.

  • Clipboard

    Establish guidelines for eligible climate mitigation projects in project categories with sufficient RF reduction potential to support the 2030 goal

  • Platform

    Create a platform to identify and vet specific climate mitigation projects for their RF reduction potential

  • Lifecycle

    Establish methods to evaluate environmental and human health co-benefits as well as unintended adverse trade-offs on a life-cycle basis

  • Protocols

    Establish protocols for third-party verification and validation of climate mitigation projects

  • Certificate

    Provide a platform for recognizing and tracking certified RF reduction investment and offset credits associated with validated and verified climate mitigation projects

  • Phone

    Provide a mechanism for interested parties to finance validated and verified climate mitigation projects through the purchase of direct investment credits or offset credits

  • Magnifying Glass

    Provide thorough oversight to ensure the integrity of the process


We seek to be an international leader in incentivizing and recognizing climate mitigation projects aimed at stabilizing the Earth’s climate system and environment, and supporting a sustainable future.


The Registry serves as a platform and clearinghouse for the evaluation, registration and financing of climate mitigation projects that can contribute meaningfully to the reduction of global and regional radiative forcing (RF), both in the near-term – by 2030 – and longer-term, while providing additional environmental and human health co-benefits and avoiding adverse tradeoffs.